Session on Digital Production & News Room Convergence

Session on Digital Production & News Room Convergence

Criselda Caringal

Executive Producer for Digital and TV at GMA Network, Inc.

Metro Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines 

She is an executive producer for I-Witness, the longest running and most awarded documentary program in the Philippines.

Reporters from broadcast, print, radio from MMJ class saw Digital and Broadcast Media in the pandemic through the lens of Ms. Criselda. She covered how social media was used for information and awareness and with focus on audience growth, engagement and brand loyalty.

 The typical workflow of a digital production and way they deal with misinformation and disinformation by putting out more information on social media accurate and informative and doing away with engaging with trolls, fake news.

  • Social Media in documentary programme
  • Social Media Landscape in the Philippines
  • Digital Shows born in the pandemic 
  • Social Media monetization – Youtube being an easier platform to earn then Facebook with just 40k viewers and engagements

Philippines is Social Media capital the world with Pilipino spending at least 4hrs 15mins each day, 70 million users mostly on Facebook.

  • Bite size info posters
  • Call out posters – posters that are engaging and nostalgic
  • Gimmick posters – based on what’s trending
  • Posters with quote from people
  • Need to know explainers – with pandemic setting a new style of information’s dissemination started.
  • Podcast – Top trending podcast in Philippines called ‘Howie Severino’ with popular presenter n and reporters through zoom.

Tips for aspiring podcasters: Check what audience, listeners like listening to, their’ interest area govern the content

Martha Cherava

Digital Content Planner, Chief Content Editor & Strategic Creator

Online newsroom for the public broadcasting companies in Latvia

She shared her experience on news room convergence and digitalization, digital new portal along with insights on how successful convergence is difficult but news room need to work around it.

Her Objective – Reaching audiences and creating great content,

She also discussed how journalists becoming Public Figures especially on Social Media, expressing one’s own opinion.

‘Journalist need not fight for titles’ – Martha Cherava

Challenges in a converged news rooms – Time management, adjustments, exercise patience to commit to digital landscape and derive motivation from results from social media engagements.

How great journalist from TV and Radio are necessarily efficient digital journalist since they are not trained for web, can’t they might not be able to contribute to two shifts. Hence, news strategies incorporated were training, print and broadcast journalist to contribute to multimedia and hiring of efficient digital personnel for digital content.

Showed how Structural Text is the number 1 format for her organization and how it can be used in news portal:

  • Brief
  • Keywords
  • Embed Links
  • Capture Attention for longer
  • Incorporate headlines, sub headlines, quotes, pictures 
  • Context

Analysis on what’s your organization/news media target?

 On analytics – Attention, Scroll, Engagement, Clicks, Span

  1. Question like how much traffic comes from Social Media, how it can lead to content on the news portal, and not invest so much time on the social media handles can be helpful.
  2. How Social Media gained popularity over the news portal – with breaking news, competing departments. She shared how compromise, adjustment according to the audience preference is important to garner maximum attention.
  3. Feed the algorithm of social media to get the best exposure as there are people who never leave Social Media.

How to create social media content for text based news

  • Explainers reels on Instagram with text
  • Text post with pictures – A news wrap kind of post
  • Content First
  • Accurate Information 

Algorithm Tips :

Instagram- Put more than 2 post a day and save post to feed the algorithm better

Google – Google proofed, description pages, tags, headlines, important words 1st and least at the end

Tips for short catchy headlines – read a lot, broaden your language, put word limit, brainstorm.

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