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BMCI, primarily a professional training and consultancy firm based in Thimphu is run as a social enterprise.

BMCI provides a wide range of trainings suited for both experienced professionals who wish to hone their skills or inexperienced individuals who will be working in a new field and need to expand their skills in media fraternity.

Training programmes are developed to suit the needs of the local market. The spectrum of training covers not only news media but also areas such as film, public relations and communications. The courses are practical, craft-based and encourage critical analysis about media policy and the role of media in a GNH society.

In order to sustain training activities in the long run, BMCI aspires to tie up with reputed international Institutes/Organizations and build a pool of trained local trainers.

The diversity and nature of programmes and projects handled by this small team is a testimony of their quiet and diligent effort towards social service. In order to sustain their initiative, they also attract a number of like-minded trainers and partners who are willing to support with little or no remuneration and benefits.

These individuals and organisations are greatly appreciated and duly acknowledged for their service. Volunteers and visiting foreign faculty are made to feel at home. Their experience and comfort while in Bhutan is planned and implemented with great care and detail. Sight-seeing and field trips are also arranged in order to help them understand Bhutan and Bhutanese culture better.


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Training Conducted


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Support Healthy Media & Communications Development by instilling professional and ethical values.


Creation of a professional, independent and responsible media Industry and a corps of public relations and communications specialists.

Social Responsibility

BMCI is a social enterprise with a deep-rooted value system that respects and regards all aspects of life.

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