Project Inception of M- Connect, CUTS International

1st batch of Multi- Media Journalism Course Graduated
Started 2nd batch of  Multi- Media Journalism Course

Completed Helvetas Capacity Building

Completed Helvetas Capacity Building for Civil Society Organisation (CSO) & Community Based Organisation (CBO) assignment and successfully conducted many online training programmes and workshops in the wake of the Covid -19 pandemic.


Project Inception of Gender Dimensions to Trade Facilitations in Sub-region, M- Connect, CUTS International

Started 1st ever Multi- Media Journalism Course in Bhutan

ICDL certification started in Bhutan in 2018

Took a delegation to Delhi comprising of representatives from CSOs, the private sector, government, media and independent researchers for a Policy Dialogue on regional connectivity organised by CUTS International in 2018.


Organised first regional Digital Challenge for Bhutanese students in 2017

Organised Future of Youth program for Singaporean and Bhutanese youth in 2017

Received Loden’s Best Entrepreneur Award in 2016

– Launched Climate Change communication material including first Climate Change Hand Book in 2016.
– Became Aptech English Academy’s Franchise partner in Bhutan in 2016.
– Received ICDL Pioneer award in July 2016


 Introduced ICDL, International Computer Skills Certification in Bhutan in 2015

ICIMOD’s Knowledge Partner in 2014 – 2017


AFP, France send senior editors as volunteers to support BMCI, 2013 and 2014

Selected as one of Loden’s Entrepreneurs in 2012

– Registered as a training institute in Jan 2012.
– Organised first International Media Ethics Conference in Thimphu.
– First training in collaboration with an International organisation. Thomson Reuters Foundation sent a trainer to conduct training on elections reporting in 2012.


Established on October 11, 2011, coinciding with the Royal wedding.