Programme Name: Writing& Reporting

Duration: 54 Hours

This programme develops participants’ knowledge, skills, and attitude they need to write and report straight news and feature stories that satisfy the basic requirements of good journalism.

By the end of the programme participants will be able to:
• Identify and select newsworthy subjects using professional criteria
• Write news and features that are clear and effective
• Edit copy for print, radio, television and online media

Modes of Training & Learning:

• Lecture
• PowerPoint presentations
• Writing exercises
• Group / Individual Work
• Role plays
• Guest speaker
• Research
• Field visit
• Practical demonstration
• Discussion
• White Board
• Flip Chart
• Writing Exercise
• Group/ Individual work

One of the principles of our professional training service is that most participants’ time will be spent in cross-learning and practical application of learning from the course. Peer learning and a learning-by-doing approach; and subsequent support and opportunity to utilize course learning will institute the necessary, aptitude, knowledge and skills to learn and benefit from the training.

Assessment & Certification:

The Assessment of the programme will be done through continuous assessment on assignments, project works, attendance,oral questioning, demonstration and observations followed by written test.
The participants will be either Competent or Not Yet Competent based on the fulfillment of the assessment criteria.
A Certificate of Completion will be provided on successfulcompletion of the programme

Resource Person:

BMCI has a roster of resource persons who will conduct the trainings. The resource persons have been brought together to conduct this training in recognition of their wide knowledge, skills and industry experience. A facilitator with requisite knowledge and field experience will lead this training.

Course Participants:

The course is designed for the following target groups:
• Journalists from any Media organization
• Aspiring individuals who desire to work in the Media/other organizations/freelancers
• General individuals and youth who aspire to become Media entrepreneurs